Manual Conversion Kit

1973-1987 C-10 Manual Brake Conversion Package

1973-1987 C-10 Manual Brake Conversion Package

1973-1987 C-10 Manual Brake Conversion Package   1973-1987 C-10 Manual Brake Conversion Package

THE SUPERIOR MANUAL BRAKE CONVERSION PACKAGE. Doesn't Your C-10 Deserve the Best? We specialize in manual brake conversions.

NOTE : FOR PROPER INSTALLATION OF THIS PACKAGE, THE STUDS THAT HOLD THE POWER VACUUM BOOSTER TO THE FIREWALL MAY HAVE TO BE ELIMINATED IF YOU ARE RUNNING A MOPAR STYLE MASTER CYLINDER (DODGE/STRANGE). TO DO THIS, YOU WILL HAVE TO REMOVE THE BRAKE PEDAL ASSEMBLY FROM THE CAR AND REMOVE THE STUDS BY CUTTING THE SPOT WELDS THAT HOLD THE STUDS TO THE BRAKE PEDAL ASSEMBLY BRACKET. IF YOU RUN A GM OR MOST AFTERMARKET MASTER CYLINDERS, THE STUDS WILL MOST LIKELY NOT HAVE TO BE REMOVED. Removing the studs from the brake pedal assembly bracket will clean up the firewall in the engine bay and allow you to run a MOPAR, GM, Ford, Wilwood, Baer, Strange master cylinder on the firewall with out additional modifications. Modifications needed to install this KIT properly are outlined in the installation instructions.

Contact me if you have a NON stock brake setup as a change in master cylinder size may be necessary. Master Cylinder size options are no extra charge.

If you have any questions abut this KIT, please message me, David Schultz. I will be glad to answer any of your questions.

This C-10 manual brake conversion kits comes with. 6061-T6 ALUMINUM adapter plate w/ integrated pushrod retention cup.

Matching Rubber Firewall Gasket - Keeps the cars interior sealed from the engine bay. Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware - NO rusty bolts or nuts. Detailed (10 Page) Installation Manual. Step by step process of the installation. 6 to 1 Pedal Ratio - Creates less effort by the driver to stop the car and multiplies the fluid pressure in the system.

No other manual brake conversion kit can match this. Dual Bolt Pattern on the Adapter Plate - Use GM, Ford, or MOPAR master cylinders.

No other manual brake conversion kit can do this. Better pedal modulation for consistent braking - No low engine vacuum issues to worry about. The adapter plate is CNC machined by a water jet from rigid 1/8 thick aluminum with dimensions that covers up the hole in the firewall after you remove the power booster. This modification will clean up your firewall by getting rid of the big, bulky power booster.

Racers do this swap when their engine does not make enough vacuum to operate the power booster, to shed a few pound to make their car lighter, or to clean up the engine bay. The pro-touring fans use manual brakes to get a better "feel" of their brakes when heading into a corner at a high rate of speed. The adapter plate can also be polished up to a mirror finish if needed. All required modifications are outlined in the installation instructions.

Higher Pedal Ratio = Less Leg Effort = Increased Braking Performance. Smaller Bore Master Cylinder = Higher Fluid Pressure = Increased Braking Performance. Kit comes with a gasket matched to the adapter plate to seal the passenger compartment from the engine bay.

The other kits do not offer a gasket in their kits. Kit comes with a dual bolt pattern to run different master cylinders from GM, Ford, MOPAR, Wilwood, Strange, and Baer. The other manual brakes kits do not have this feature. Kit comes with the correct size master cylinder that is matched to the size of the stock front and rear brakes.

The other manual brake kits offer a larger bore master cylinder which generates less brake line pressure. Parts to Enhance Your Manua l Brakes on Y our F-body. New Rubber or Stainless Steel Flexible Brakes Lines (front and rear) - Old rubber lines will "balloon" causing loss of pressure within the braking system. Leg Force Pedal Ratio Master Cylinder Bore Caliper Piston Size Clamping Force.

100 5.5 to 1 1-1/32 (1.03") 2.5" 3240 lb of clamping force with other manual brake systems. There is 34% more clamping force than any other other manual brake systems. I will be happy to answer any of your questions. This item is in the category "eBay Motors\Parts & Accessories\Car & Truck Parts & Accessories\Brakes & Brake Parts\Master Cylinders".

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1973-1987 C-10 Manual Brake Conversion Package   1973-1987 C-10 Manual Brake Conversion Package